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How can I detect programmatically if a phone has a camera ?

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All Android compliant phones have to have a camera installed if they claim to run Android version 1.6 or higher. See for the device compatiblity program.

Sadly there's no 1.5 ccd to be found anywhere. I'm however pretty sure that all currently available 1.5 devices do indeed have a camera. For tablets running 1.5 i'd not be that sure.

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This is obviously not true any more..... – Kenton Price Jan 13 '12 at 12:37

PackageManager#hasSystemFeature(String) - pass PackageManager.FEATURE_CAMERA as the argument.

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I have to use the 1.5 SDK, this method is not available... – Arutha Jun 21 '10 at 8:14
1 is supported since API 1 and returns null if no camera is available. Camera cam =; if(null == cam){ //no camera exists }else{ //camera exists cam.release(); } – Andrew Nov 28 '11 at 18:15

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