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There is a problem that I can't resolve. I am developing a project and test on my computer which runs as expected. But when I move the project to testing server, which also has Zend Server CE, it gives blank page. Display errors function is ON and I put try catch at the very begining, but it still shows a blank page. When ever I write "exit;" command at the end of related view script, page works normally!

What can couse this problem ?


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My first guess would be a problem with your include path. That's a very common issue when deploying from one server to another.

But clearly it's some kind of fatal error. I haven't used Zend Server, but in Apache I'd look in the error_log, since any fatal error output ends up there. Does Zend Server have something similar?

...aha, Zend Server seems to have a log, accessed through Monitor > Logs in the admin interface. Try looking in the PHP Error Log for reports of fatal errors.

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The problem is that there are no any fatal errors. when there is any error it just show. I have now updated my framework files with the servers, now it makes the same in my computer too, which make me think of this couse because of version difference. –  Harun Baris Bulut Jun 18 '10 at 16:53

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