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Is there an option besides Drupal or Wordpress to use to allow the user or administrators of a site to update and manage content on the site themselves?

Is it possible to use Drupal or Wordpress for a particular section of the site that I want to allow the above mentioned but not the rest of the site.

Basically I am just looking into options to be able to make the site from scratch:

  1. without having to make it a drupal or wordpress template
  2. without having to handbuild the content management system
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You could try:




Or you could have a look through here and find one that fits your needs: opensourcecms.com

There is another one that i have on the tip of my tongue thats really good... Ill pot it when i think of it! EDIT: Ahh HA... Got it :oP e107

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Check out http://php.opensourcecms.com/

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ExpressionEngine might be the most flexible and powerful solution for your needs, in terms of supporting both static and dynamic sections/pages. See also this MetaFilter discussion.

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