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I m using Grails 1.3.2 along with jquery- For tab & dialog component i install the plugin jquery-ui 1.8.2. I follow the instraction given at http://www.grails.org/plugin/jquery-ui. But i m unable to show the jquery tab in my project.

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Maybe this two pages can help you:


That one explains it really well, is a little out dated but it should take just a little of understanding to figure it out.

I you wanna get more technical you can use this one, but with the link above should be more than fine.


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  1. You need to add following line for plugin.

plugins {

    runtime ":jquery:1.8.3"

compile ":jquery-ui:1.8.24"
  1. Add the following line on which gsp page you use Jquery UI.

< head>

 < g:javascript library="jquery" />

 < r:require modules="jquery-ui"/>

 < r:script>

    $(document).ready(function() {
           your code...
 < /r:script>

< /head>

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