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I've configured Windows 6 Professional Mobile Emulator, and am trying to get an Internet connection on it.

Currently when I browse to any address, I get my local box's IIS, and no outside addresses.

On my box: I have Virtual PC 2007 installed. I have, so far, in my Visual Studio .Net app, cradle the device emulator. Allowed connections to DMA (Control Panel/Windows Mobile Device Center/Allow connections to one of the following: DMA)

In the Emulator: Settings/Connections/Advanced/Selected Networks: My Work Network Settings/Network Cards: Connected to Work I setup a static, unused IP address, all other settings are identical to what I have setup an emulator on another machine (which works).

Any ideas on why I can only browse to my local machine, and not the outside?

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Have you looked at this article or this one ?

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