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I name frame 50 _foo (in the IDE).

I can trace this._currentFrame at any time (and get a number).

I can gotoAndPlay("_foo");.

But how can I find out if the current frame IS _foo as the movie plays?

Is this possible?

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In ActionScript 2 there is no way to access the Name / Label of the current frame (this feature was added in ActionScript 3).

However, you could use the following code to determine the current frame number at during playback:

// This is the frame number we want to look out for.
var targetFrame : Number = 50;

// Crate an onEnterFrame function callback, this will be
// called each time the current MovieClip changes from one
// frame to the Next.
onEnterFrame = onEnterFrameHandler;

 * This function is called each time the MovieClip enter a 
 * new frame during playback.
function onEnterFrameHandler() : Void
    trace("_currentframe: " + _currentframe);
    if (_currentframe == targetFrame)
        trace("Playhead is at Frame: " + _currentframe);

        // Stop playback and remove the onEnterFrame callback.
        onEnterFrame = null;

For further reading, be sure to check the Adobe livedocs entry for MovieClip.onEnterFrame

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yeah, unfortunately the frame number is useless to me in this context. However, I'm simply creating my own property called _frameName and assigning a value to it at the appropriate frame and then testing to see if that's the value when onEnterFrame. Works just as well. – Genia S. Jun 21 '10 at 1:56

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