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We do weekly updates to production server. In the past we've been going to each folder and doing an SVN Update to get latest version of files from the repository. Very tedious.

All our development is on the trunk. We'd like to begin (yes, we haven't done this yet) using SVN tags to mark our releases. I believe we could then do an SVN export of just the tag out to our production server. Is that correct?

To get to that point we need to remove all the .svn folders from the server. (SVN Export should do that trick) However --

We have a few folders on production containing image files that are uploaded by applications running on production and these files are needed on staging and development servers. They are now in the repository. When we try going to our working copy and holding SHIFT > TortoiseSVN we do not get a menu choice of "Delete (keep local)".

What are we doing wrong? Is there another way to delete those files and their folder from the repository?

In the future we plan on just manually copying the files from those 2 folders onto both staging and development servers and leave all knowledge of those folders out of the SVN repository.

Thank you in advance,

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Did more searching and found the answer had already posted -- MrGrieves answer was the easiest to understand - thank you MrGrieves! (Hope this has been correctly done. I'm new to StackOverflow.)

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