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I want to know how to cleanly create an svn project in eclipse.

I did it badly. Tell me what I'm doing wrong: First, I copied the files up to the server.

I take all the code, in directory draw2 mkdir branches logs trunk all the code is put into trunk

  1. Create the directory with svnadmin create /var/svn/draw2

  2. Import it with

svn import ~/draw2 file:///var/svn/draw2 -m "initial import"

Using tortoise svn, I can check out a clean copy, it seems to be there. But then I want to use eclipse. installed Svnkit plugins

  1. create a new project in eclipse, from svn. It downloads the project where before, there was a src directory, now there is a trunk/src

zillions of errors.

Is there any clean way for me to just upload a project, as is in eclipse, and then check it out on other machines?


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(1) Create project in Eclipse. (2) Right click (3) Select Team->Share Project (4) Follow the wizard

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