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I have a div on my page that acts as a shell to store other divs. The page loads and the shell is hidden & empty. On a jQuery event I show the shell and fill it with the triggered div. More often than not, the triggered div happens to be a form.

if I do this:

$('#lb_content').html($('#' + div_id).html());

that duplicates the form and makes validation/submit difficult - right?

my work around is to store an global variable:

var container_emptied = '';

so when I show the shell I do this:

var content = $('#' + div_id).html();
container_emptied = '#' + div_id;

and when I hide the shell I do this:


am I over complicating this?

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So it seems like you're just moving the form content from one location to another. Is that right?

If so, just use .appendTo() like this:

    // Move all the content to new location
$('#' + div_id).contents().appendTo('#lb_content');

and do the opposite to move it back:

    // Move all the content back
$('#lb_content').contents().appendTo('#' + div_id);

(I assume you were only interested in the content, and not the element itself.)

EDIT: Reversed the two. Had them backward the first time.

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