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As a minor project, I have undertaken Personal Investment Monitoring System. The functionalities I need to provide are: 1: User must be able to create portfolios. 2: Inform where he has bought shares from and at what price. 3: Display him the current stock price for the shares he owns.

I thought about using Google Finance api for the same, but after trying to understand it, I found it quite difficult. Can u suggest me some other finance api that will help me to get current stock prices depending on the name of the organization. It is not necessary that the rates must be exactly current, a delay of upto 30 minutes is bearable.

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Maybe you could use the NASDAQ RSS builder and parse the RSS: http://www.nasdaq.com/aspxcontent/BuildRSSUrl.aspx

Or you could maybe try to take a look at Yahoo's API, they have a lot of documentation for java here: http://developer.yahoo.com/java/

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I used Yahoo Finance for the same and it worked like charm. Thank you. – Logan Jul 6 '11 at 10:30

Sounds like a cool project. I'm not sure if this is obvious or not, but if you actually want a system that does this, you would be better off researching and finding one that is already available and then learning how to use it as opposed to designing one yourself. However if your primary purpose is for the learning and enjoyment of the project itself, this sounds like a cool one.

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