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What ports or modes of communication do you need to open up for SQL Server 2005 Transactional Replication? Main and slave are geographically separated.

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Make sure you enable encryption, otherwise your replicated data could be sniffed by any one in between. The better solution would be to set up a VPN between your two locations to off load the encryption from SQL Server and also provide better security.

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This ewas a concern I had as well, thank you for mentioning it. –  vfilby Nov 21 '08 at 2:08

I believe TCP Port 1433 is typical although it can be defined by the publisher

Here is a decent article on this.

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Thank you this looks like the ticket, I'll have more time to look at it tomorrow and evaluate. –  vfilby Nov 21 '08 at 1:09

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I regretted using SQL Replication back during the SQL Server 7 days. From what I've seen of SQL Server 2005, The tools have become more unusable.

If I were in your position, I would look at some form of Transaction server that supports replication and set it up as a middle tier between your application and your database(s).

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