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I am experienced MS-SQL developer who has written countless queries and almost countless store procedures.

How would I get started from what do I download?

What is the equivalent of SQL Server Management Studio?

Where can I go to learn the syntax differences between the different databases?

Cost is an issue this must be all done as cheap as possible, free would be ideal.

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Beware of articles comparing old versions of MySQL to MS SQL Server. MySQL has come a long way in recent years.

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Take a look at the MySQL GUI Tools. This gives you a Server administration tool, a query browser and a migration toolkit.

The documentation for MySQL is really great with lots of examples and user contributions.

As for cost - it's allll free!

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You want to download the MySQL Community edition from their website. I recommend version 5.1

Once you get installing it is fairly straight forward, There are plenty of tutorials on this if you do have any problems.

There are a number of GUI tools, including MySQL Administrator and MySQL Query Browser.

Diffrences between SQL and T-SQL can be found in this article from MS SQL City. The MySQL website is quite excellent with very through documentation.

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