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In beta builds of Autofac 2.1 there was support for automatic resolution of Lazy<T> as described in Nicholas Blumhardt's Lazing Around with Autofac blog post.

The code still seems to be in the source on Google Code, but I can't find LazyDependencyModule in any of the .NET 4.0 binaries I've looked at. Has it moved somewhere else?

How do I use Autofac's automatic Lazy<T> resolution with the latest Autofac builds?

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You don't need to register LazyDependencyModule yourself in the production Autofac 2 builds. It is a part of the default container, so just register T and Lazy<T> will be provided.

Make sure you're not accidentally using a .NET 3.5 binary, too :)


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You're right, I must have got my assembly versions in a pickle. It's working now, thanks! –  GraemeF Jun 20 '10 at 10:03
Thanks! I had the same problem - it took me hours to find out. –  Lars Corneliussen May 11 '12 at 11:41

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