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I'm currently working on a job for a client that involves playing videos taken from youtube, uploaded, etc. (And converted to flash-acceptable formats... FLV or mp4). They already have a player that has worked up until this point, but they need something more robust now.
Basically I need to find a video player that does the following things for a decent price (Or free) :

  • A must: The embedded video MUST be able to be auto-played from a certain point. As in, he wants to configure it so that a particular hour long video, when viewed, automatically starts 34 minutes 5 seconds in when the play button is pressed (Or when the player is loaded if autoplay is on). The user can seek from that point, but it's important that the video starts at a specified time rather than from 00:00:00.
  • Has inline configurable text ads that appear at the bottom. This one is optional but a big plus
  • Fullscreen option
  • Seek without needing to buffer the entire video first

I think these are pretty basic requests, but I'm having trouble finding a decent player that does all of them (Or just one that allows for #1 without having to buffer the entire video first). Obviously any sort of configuration would be controlled through server-side scripting, the issue right now is just finding a player that is even capable of these features.

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The JW FLV Player seems fulfill some of your needs There is a plugin SDK if so you can customize it by creating plugins.

The non-commercial version seems to be free, but looking at your requirements (ads) you may as well use the commercial version as it supports AdSense :)



Flowplayer http://flowplayer.org/documentation/index.html

Is free if you don't mind their logo :) http://flowplayer.org/index.html

Or customize the branding by purchasing the commercial version :)

with plugins


And can be controlled using JavaScript.

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Thanks, I had seen the jw-flv-player, but was holding out for a free, or cheaper one since the pricing is pretty outrageous for his basic needs. I also looked through FlowPlayer, but as you'll see in my post here: flowplayer.org/forum/2/43604 - it's one of the ones I'm afraid requires buffering beforehand. Everything in their documentation that I've seen regarding what I need, seems to point to that. –  Jon Jun 19 '10 at 15:39
Are you sure you looked at the pseudostreaming docs ? –  phwd Jun 21 '10 at 0:33

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