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I want a jCarouselLite gallery to act as scrolling thumbnails and present a larger image next to it by somehow refering to it's currently displayed images (then selecting the first image through an array or similar). How would I approach this?

The current setup -

btnNext: '.next',
btnPrev: '.previous',
auto: true,
timeout: 500,
speed: 500,
vertical: true,
visible: 3,
circular: true,
beforeStart: function(a) {
//alert("Before animation starts:" + a);
afterEnd: function(a) {
//fetch first image of the currently displayed images
//set html content of .display div to be that of the new image

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This might help -

You can use the built in afterEnd and beforeStart functions to show you what's currently being displayed to the user.

    btnNext: ".next",
    btnPrev: ".prev",
    speed:  800,
    //auto: 2000,
    afterEnd: function(a) { 
        //look into the object and find the IDs of the list items
        left = $(a[0]).attr("id");
        mid = $(a[1]).attr("id");
        right = $(a[2]).attr("id");
        //Do something
        $('li#' + left + ' .cf-img').fadeIn();
        //alert("Left:" + left + "Middle:" + mid + "Right:" + right + "");
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