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I was wondering if there are any API's available for C# to enable communication with a Bluetooth device?

Initially, I would just want to connect the bluetooth device to my computer however, my device doesn't have any pairing code so I would have to do it without pairing.

Any existing API or any Win32 dll could be useful to me?

Help Appreciated!


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See… – ChrisF Jun 19 '10 at 16:37

There's a bluetooth API as described here, it's for C++, but I'd assume that you'd be able to use it using Pinvoke calls. This website have some code for creating a .Net wrapper for the windows mobile version of the API, but they also seems to have started work on a desktop version here. And either way, there's quite a high chance that some of the functions will have the same signature so you might be able to use the windows mobile code to get you started.

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I found out InTheHand API to be useful in this case

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