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I have written an Application Desktop Toolbar (a.k.a AppBar), it works great except for the fact that if I kill the process, the AppBar code never gets a chance to cleanup by sending an ABM_REMOVE. The problem is that this basically screws the users desktop up. The AppBar is written in .NET using interop code.

Does anyone know of a way to clean this resource up, even in the case of a process kill from TaskManager?

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When a process is killed from Task Manager, no events are raised within that application. It's common to use a seperate helper application that listens for the Win32_ProcessStopTrace event for your process. You can use the WqlEventQuery, which is part of System.Management for this.

Here is some example code for this from a MegaSolutions post.

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic; 
using System.Text; 
using System.Management; 

class ProcessObserver : IDisposable 
    ManagementEventWatcher m_processStartEvent = null; 
    ManagementEventWatcher m_processStopEvent = null; 

    public ProcessObserver(string processName, EventArrivedEventHandler onStart, EventArrivedEventHandler onStop) 
        WqlEventQuery startQuery = new WqlEventQuery("Win32_ProcessStartTrace", String.Format("ProcessName='{0}'", processName)); 
        m_processStartEvent = new ManagementEventWatcher(startQuery); 

        WqlEventQuery stopQuery = new WqlEventQuery("Win32_ProcessStopTrace", String.Format("ProcessName='{0}'", processName)); 
        m_processStopEvent = new ManagementEventWatcher(stopQuery); 

        if (onStart != null) 
            m_processStartEvent.EventArrived += onStart; 

        if (onStop != null) 
            m_processStopEvent.EventArrived += onStop; 

    public void Start() 

    public void Dispose() 
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