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What is the best method for pulling a report from a Crystal Report Server that is public facing. I only have public access to the server but need to pull a report form it on a daily basis. You log on here with the user id of public and no password. In the past, I've screen scraped sites for the info I needed. The report server here makes this very complicated from what I've seen in Fiddler.

Does Crystal (or the report server): 1. Expose a simple web service? 2. Is the a client library I can lean on?

Any help would be appreicated. My ultimate goal is to pull down the report using .Net and then pull out the contents of the report for a database.

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Why not try the BusinessObjects SDK? You should be able to connect to the repository if you can authenticate as a guest. From there, it's pretty easy to get the RPT files.

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Is the SDK Free or are licensing fees involved? Where do I get a copy. Which version is applicable for the Rpoert Server I am working against? Thanks! –  Christian Loris Jun 29 '10 at 13:36

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