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I am looking for a way to detect Cmd + R and Cmd + W (also Ctrl + R and Ctrl + W) in my application.

This site does it The source is a nightmare though. If I don't find a quick answer, I'll look through that.

Does anyone have a link or example?

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using jQuery:

$.ctrl = function(key, callback, args) {
    var isCtrl = false;
    $(document).keydown(function(e) {
        if(!args) args=[]; // IE barks when args is null

        if(e.ctrlKey) isCtrl = true;
        if(e.keyCode == key.charCodeAt(0) && isCtrl) {
            callback.apply(this, args);
            return false;
    }).keyup(function(e) {
        if(e.ctrlKey) isCtrl = false;

This taken from:

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I would suggest, as Benny shows, to use a framework, such as jQuery, for detecting such input, as generally it's browser dependent and can be a heck to make it cross browser compatible doing it manually – azatoth Jun 19 '10 at 20:42
Yeah, I agree. I also found this: I'm using Ext JS, so I may just use that framework as described here: – Chad Johnson Jun 19 '10 at 20:51
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I ended up doing what's described here:

Works perfectly.

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