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I am trying to inspect the messages a node receives from other nodes, but in some other manner other than flush(), because the message size is rather big and it doesn't help. Also, I can see the messages with erlang:process_info(self(), messages_queue_len)., but I would like some way of extracting one message at a time in some kind of variable for debugging purposes.

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receive is the erlang primitive for taking messages from the mailbox.


If you just want to get the first message in the shell for debugging, you could try defining a fun like this:

1> self() ! foo.
2> F = fun() -> receive X -> X end end.
3> F().
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You might want to have a look to the dbg module in Erlang.

Start the tracer:


Trace all messages received (r) by a process (in this case self()):

dbg:p(self(), r).

More information here.

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Good info, thanks! – hyperboreean Jun 20 '10 at 8:46

or you can use:

1> F = fun() -> receive X -> {message, X} after 0 -> no_message end end.
2> F().
3> self() ! foo.
4> self() ! bar.
5> F().
{message, foo}
6> F().
{message, bar}

... to prevent blocking

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