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For very small teams, or an individual developer, is there a source code control tool which is a web service, or web based application, with no or very little cost?

Ideally, it would work with Microsoft development. IDE Integration would be awesome, but a windows application that connects to the web service would also be sufficient.

Would you consider such a product to be market worthy?

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I'd recommend Codespaces. It has a free plan, and the next plan up is only $3/mo. It comes with project planning and a bunch of goodies. Look at the screenshots page, pretty nice.

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GitHub is free if you OpenSource the project and is only $7/month for personal plans.

I don't know much about it's possible IDE integration, though.

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I recommend for subversion or Github

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There used to be ads on this site for BeanStalk. Free for a single repository/3 users. There are a few tools to integration SVN with an IDE - try VisualSVN.

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