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i have a method that call another method with 1 parameter to another class. It is working perfectly but now i need 1 more parameters this is my code :

i am getting a 'addobject may not respond'


calling method :

DrunkeNewIdeaAppDelegate *appDelegate = (DrunkeNewIdeaAppDelegate *)[[UIApplication sharedApplication] delegate];
  Testes *myLevelObject = (Testes *)appDelegate.testViewController1;
  [myLevelObject addobject:rephereanswer,nbimportant];

method called :




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The signature of your method is actually addObject: :. Parameters are preceded by colons, so you'd call your method like so:

[myLevelObject addobject:rephereanswer :nbimportant];

However, in Objective-C, the prevailing style is to name all of your parameters, so you'd probably want to change your method to this:

- (void)addobject:(double)rephereanswer otherParam:(double)nbimportant;

In which case you'd call it like this:

[myLevelObject addobject:rephereanswer otherParam:nbimportant];

(A more descriptive name than otherParam is desirable, too.)

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Try this

[myLevelObject addobject:rephereanswer :nbimportant];
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seems like working thx –  hugo411 Jun 19 '10 at 22:10

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