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I have a module "Dictionary", declared in a file "Dictionary.hs".

in the same directory i have a file "Def.hs" which imports Dictionary

here's the error i get

... /edsl/Def.hs:4:7: Could not find module `Dictionary': locations searched: Dictionary.hs Dictionary.lhs

... /edsl/Dictionary.hs is there. it's permissions are such that it can be written to or read from by anyone.

i really have no idea why i can't import. i'm using ghc 6.12.1 on mac os x 10.5.8

edit here's the relevant code

in Dictionary.hs

module Dictionary where

and in in Def.hs

module Def where
import Control.Exception
import Data.Dynamic
import Dictionary

am i just defining the module incorrectly? i want to export all symbols.

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Seeing some code would be helpful. –  sepp2k Jun 19 '10 at 23:31
can you provide the line where you import Def? is that :l edsl/Def.hs in ghci? –  yairchu Jun 19 '10 at 23:33
i just load Def into ghci with: ghci edsl/Def.hs. i was under the belief that loading a file in ghci searched for and built all dependancies before building the file to load. –  david pasquinelli Jun 19 '10 at 23:40

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i just found the problem. i'm using komodo edit, and the command the i created to load a file into ghci doesn't change the working directory.


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