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I've been looking for some very simple to lift and simple telnet source code to build into an application I am working on. I have looked at some traditional Linux applications of this and they are build and they are overkill, comprised of about 20 files, and have way too many dependencies. I just want simple, and (NO) I do not care at all about security, actually security in this case would be a liability. Just simple telnet server code.

I had actually though this would be pretty simple to locate, but so far no luck at all. If you can think of an app or something that has a telnet server built in using only one (maybe two files) or even a really simple telnet server, please let me know.



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If you simply want to accept telnet connections, but don't need to spawn a shell or anything, you could just use plain sockets. And, well, if you need to spawn a shell, that should only be a couple more lines of code. I'm assuming you're using C.

If you just need a simple telnet server that spawns a shell, socat may be worth trying.

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