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MySQL supports events where i can set up something to happen in a specified time period

Eg: Update the salary's every month

Eg: Update something every year

Eg: Change the status of a book to "overdue" in a week

Etc etc etc

How do I do this in Oracle?

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surely this is a case of RTFM? –  cartbeforehorse Nov 21 '12 at 9:27

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You can use DBMS_SCHEDULER to do perform scheduled events.

Official Documentation: http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/B28359_01/server.111/b28310/scheduse.htm

Alternate: http://www.comp.dit.ie/btierney/oracle11gdoc/server.111/b28310/scheduse.htm

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In 9i or earlier DBMS_JOB does the same thing, only with less flexibility. –  APC Jun 20 '10 at 9:24
If you're going to provide a link, why not link to the source? download.oracle.com/docs/cd/B28359_01/server.111/b28310/… –  Pop Jun 20 '10 at 14:02
@Pop: I seemingly couldn't find it, thanks I've updated the answer. –  Sathya Jun 20 '10 at 19:10

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