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i'm a beginner to orkut api and i don't know how to integrate orkut in my website.

I just don't know how to pass the user information to orkut server to get the response form the orkut server.

Can u please give me the sample code for getting just the user profile and to print the display name of the given user??

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There are also client APIs which allows you to interact directly with orkut via 3LO. With those client APIs you can send/read scraps, post photos, create albums, etc.

The official orkut client is written in Java, but the community ported it to another languages such as PHP, QT and .NET. The other links can be found in the Java client page.

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Orkut has 2 API's only:

  1. Orkut API is meant to develop apps that run inside orkut.
  2. Orkut Share API is the one you are looking for.
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