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I am starting up a Seam + Hibernate + Logback project deployed to Tomcat 6. I use Eclipse as an IDE. Hibernate prints many debug statements, so I have put the level to ERROR, so I don't see them.

<logger name="org.hibernate">
    <level value="ERROR" />

I don't paste my whole logback.xml, because the problem I have, is not connected with its contents.

I have the following classpath problem - If I put the logback.xml in WEB-INF\classesof my project, it is not found by the classloader and I see all debug statements. On the other hand, if I move the logback.xml to the lib directory of Tomcat, everything works perfect and the debug statements are not printed.

But I want to have my logback.xml inside my project, not in the root lib directory of Tomcat.

And here is my question - isn't the WEB-INF\classes a correct place for logback.xml? Why isn't it found?

I have always known that the files under the WEB-INF\classes directory of the project, are put to the classpath. Thank you for any ideas you have.

All the best, Petar

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It looks like your logback.jar is also unter ${catalina.home}\lib.

If you want to put your logback.xml to \WEB-INF\classes, the logback.jar should be only under \WEB-INF\lib. The ${catalina.home}\lib\logback.jar should be removed.

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Thanks:) This was the case - I have forgot to remove it from ${catalina.home}\lib. –  Petar Minchev Aug 25 '10 at 16:34

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