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I have some big code line which I want to pack into define for fast using.


Here is EventManager is singleton class. I'd prefer to pass into define only EventManager::KeyEvent type and signal name "KeyPressed". Could you help me with this?

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Due to the fact I don't like defines I would make a "wrapper" function like this:

public void call(EventType type, String whatToCall) {

Edit: An untested define could look like:

#define call(Type,Name) \

Edit2: Im not really used to your code, but what would it more readable and debugable would be sth like this. (Be aware, the class names are not yours but I hope you can see what I mean)

Event event = EventManager::get_mutable_instance().get<type>(whatToCall);
ArgType argType = EventManager::KeyEvent::ArgsType(localEvent.Key);
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yes always prefer using inline functions over defines (the code will be inlined if it is more performant or you force inlining). #define will always replicate the code what is not a good idea and you most of the time loose type checking and have trouble with repeated arguments with side effects what might create subtle errors... –  jdehaan Jun 20 '10 at 10:31

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