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Following I'm trying to implement an IMAP client for Gmail that uses OAuth.

My code works fine and I can connect to the IMAP server, however, after 1 day when I retry using the same XOAUTH value, I get an invalid credentials.

It might be a problem in my code causing this, but I need to know if I can pass the same XOAUTH value to the IMAP AUTHENTICATE method everytime or do I need to regenerate it just before trying to access?

My understanding was that once I have the Access Token and Token Secrets back I can use them to generate the XOAUTH value once and then keep using it.

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I'm trying to do the same thing. Would you mind sharing your code. Is it java? – jdcotter Aug 5 '10 at 15:13
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Using the reliable method of trial and error I figured although access token and secret are long living but the XOAUTH value has to be generated for IMAP every time.

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hey i am facing this problem, could you please point out as to how I can generate xoauth value every time?? – whizcreed Aug 21 '13 at 11:53

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