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I am trying to use eval() function to deserialize this JSON text by using eval function.

  var personJSON = {"FirstName":"Burak","LastName":"Ozdogan","Id":"001"
,"Department":"Information Technologies"};

  var personBurakOzdogan = eval('(' + personJSON + ')');    

But I am getting this error:

*Microsoft JScript compilation error: Expected ']'*

Is there something that I skip which I cannot catch?


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What you have is not JSON text. It is already a JSON object. So you don't need to use eval at all. You can directly access and manipulate its properties:

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Idiot me! Thanks Darin! :) I have enclosed that within ' ' and eval worked. –  pencilCake Jun 20 '10 at 12:37
@burak, I think you're missing the point. Since you have it in object-literal form, there's no point in getting it in JSON... –  James Jun 20 '10 at 12:38
Actually this is why I am doing this practice. I had a problem to understand the exact difference between a JSON object and an onbect defined with Object-Literal feature of JavaScript. Thank you Darin once again. –  pencilCake Jun 20 '10 at 12:44

Try to check if your personJSON is a wrapper that CONTAINS the real json. For example, try to write:

var person = eval('(' + personJSON.Person + ')')

where Person is the class serialized by the service.


try this:

var person = eval('(' + personJSON.GetPersonResult + ')')

where GetPerson is the method name in the service, plus Result.

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you are not dealing with a string, but with a json object. You are trying to evaluate a json object as string to create a json object.

var personJSON = 
'{"FirstName":"Burak","LastName":"Ozdogan","Id":"001","Department":"Information Technologies"}';

var personBurakOzdogan = eval('(' + personJSON + ')');   

this should work, although it doesn't make to much sense. this makes more sense:

  var personBurakOzdogan = {"FirstName":"Burak","LastName":"Ozdogan","Id":"001","Department":"Information Technologies"};
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You have to pass to the variable a string type as the code seen below:

var personJSON = '{"FirstName":"Burak","LastName":"Ozdogan","Id":"001","Department":"Information Technologies"}';
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