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The following test script has a problem. When I add the line (sleep 5 )& in the script then the while read loop does not read all lines from the file, but only prints the first line.

But when I remove the ( sleep 5 )& from the script, then the script prints all lines as defined in the file.

Why the ( sleep 5 )& causes this?

And how to solve the problem? I want to create a new process (for which the sleep is just an example) in the while loop.

$ more test

while read -r line ; do 
echo $line
( sleep 5 )&   
sleep 1
kill $RESULT
done < file

$ more file
123 aaa
234 bbb
556 ccc
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Which version of ksh are you using ? I dont see it on ksh93t+ just like Gilles mentioned –  tomkaith13 Jun 24 '11 at 20:41

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The code you provides runs and prints each line in the file.

Since you are not waiting for the

( sleep 5 ) &

child process, it has no effect on process execution. Is this the EXACT code you wrote?

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This seems to be a bug in a specific version of ksh. I'm getting the same effect from ksh 93s+, but not from bash, ash, pdksh, zsh or ksh 93t+.

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This KornShell (ksh) script works fine for me with this version:

  • echo $KSH_VERSION
    • @(#)MIRBSD KSH R48 2013/08/16

soExample.ksh :


#Initialize Variables

#Function to create File with Input
#Params: 1}Directory 2}File
    echo "Entering createFileHere"
    > ${1}
    echo "Exiting createFileHere"

#Function to create File with Input
#Params: 1}File 2}String to write to FileName
    echo "Entering createFileWithInputHere"
    > ${1}
    #-e means 'enable interpretation of backslash escapes
    echo -e ${2} >> ${1}
    #print ${2} >> ${1}
    echo "Exiting createFileWithInputHere"

#Function to 
#Params: 1} File
    echo "Entering readLine"
    while read -r line ; do 
    echo ${line}
    ( sleep 5 )&   
    sleep 1
    kill ${RESULT}
    done < ${1}
    echo "Exiting readLine"

echo "Starting: ${PWD}/${0} with Input Parameters: {1: ${1} {2: ${2} {3: ${3}"
createFileWithInputHere ${file} ${fileContent} #function call#
readLine ${file} #function call#
echo "Exiting: ${PWD}/${0}"

soExample.ksh Output:

user@foo /tmp
$ ksh soExample.ksh
Starting: /tmp/soExample.ksh with Input Parameters: {1:  {2:  {3:
Entering createFileWithInputHere
Exiting createFileWithInputHere
Entering readLine
123 aaa
234 bbb
556 ccc
Exiting readLine
Exiting: /tmp/soExample.ksh
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