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I'm writing a booklet for my debate club in LyX, and it is a collection of Prep Cases - each prep case is a chapter. Currently I have a "new page" after every chapter, but I want something more - I want to make sure chapters begin in odd numbered pages, so that when I print the whole booklet in duplex - each prep case will be a standalone, separable unit. Is that possible in LyX or plain LaTeX?

Edit: silly me. I meant to say sections and not chapters. Is this possible with sections?

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I'm not sure how to do this in Lyx, but if it will let you slip in some raw LaTeX, put this in your preamble:

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Normally, this is done using the openright option on the document class. This causes \chapter to use \cleardoublepage internally, thus starting on an odd page.

You can also use \cleardoublepage manually instead but just using the option is more convenient.

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What do I write in the preamble to get it to use the openright option? –  Amir Rachum Jun 20 '10 at 14:48
I found where to add the option to the document class in LyX, I added openright, but it doesn't work –  Amir Rachum Jun 20 '10 at 14:57
@Amir: since you’re apparently using sections instead of chapters, the option doesn’t work – use \cleardoublepage before a new section. Or think about moving to a document class that supports chapters. –  Konrad Rudolph Jun 20 '10 at 16:45

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