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I am using ubuntu and I have some html pages. I want to host a website from my PC at my home. How can I do this using apache2? I am new to Apache2 if any one knows how to do this, please let me know.

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The easiest way to publish HTML files with apache is by putting them in /home/your-user-name-please-do-replace-me/public_html, making sure that your apache is installed and then start apache. How to make apache start after a reboot, see this forum post on Ubuntu Forums.

When you have apache up and running, find out your servers IP-address ( is pretty handy for this) and then your files will be accessible from: http://you-ip-address-whatever/~your-user-name-please-do-replace-me

You could always use services like so that you don't have to use your IP-address all the time.

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Once apache is installed you should find that you can place content in a directory silimar to /usr/www or /usr/share/www and apache will serve it. You may also need to start apache, I don't know the ubuntu command but on fedora 12 it is:

service httpd start
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