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I am struggling on something that, I am sure, should be easy. I have been living in backend and winforms code for a long time, and I'm am building my first ASP.NET page in over a year, so apologies for any noobishness

I am inside a User Control on a page.

On this User Control (Parent Control) I need to embed 0 .. n child user controls in a table, where each Child User control is representative of a row in a Listbox on the Parent User Control.

On the child user control I have a few properties that need setting, such as the id of the item in the list box that it represents.

As I see it, I can either

  • Loop through this list box in code-behind, and try to dynamically insert table rows and child user controls into an existing tag, and set the object's properties, something I have yet to make work - the added controls just don't appear
  • Use the old fashion ASP trick of looping through the items in the Listbox inside <% %> tags, and embed my < uc:ChildUserControl runat="server" > tags, but I'm not able to set the required properties on the ChildUserControl (I have tried a few things, but the main issue is I can't use <% %> in server controls)
  • Do something else that is eluding me at present

Any ideas would be greatfully received

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repeater control bound to the same data source as the listbox?

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I was considering that earlier, but it felt largely like a cludge, and something should be easier. That being said, I'm trying it now. Thanks –  johnc Nov 21 '08 at 5:59
It worked, thanks –  johnc Nov 21 '08 at 6:16

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