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Looking for a simple way to show a welcome message to first time visitors on my website. What's the best approach?

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Using a cookie:

if (empty($_COOKIE['first_time'])) {
    setcookie("first_time", 1, time()+157680000);  /* expire in 5 years */

Of course, if the users clears his cookies, he'll see the message again. If he doesn't accept cookies, he'll see the message all the time.

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+1: That's better approach. – Sarfraz Jun 20 '10 at 16:19
+1: code poetry! – Marco Demaio Jun 21 '10 at 21:26

Without an authenticated session (login), you're forced to using a cookie. If the cookie isn't present, set it and simultaneously display the welcome message.

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Cookie. If the visitor doesn't have the cookie for your site, then display a welcome message. This isn't a foolproof method (it is trivial for a user to delete cookies), however it's the best you can do.

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