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I once read about an open source database for postal codes with geolocation data but now I can't remember its name. Can someone help?

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+1 good question, thanks to it I learned about GeoNames :) – Robert Gould Nov 21 '08 at 8:07
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My guess is that your lost friend is GeoNames.

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This is more than enough for my task in hand. Thanks man – suhair Nov 21 '08 at 6:22
That is a super site. – Harley Holcombe Nov 21 '08 at 6:31
GeoNames is an excellent site, and Marc is incredibly helpful if you can't quite find what you want. I've just emailed him about some geodata I need and he replied quickly with exactly what I needed. – Andrew Nov 21 '08 at 7:19
You can download postal code to name,lat,lng from their site here: download.geonames.org/export/zip – slacy Oct 8 '09 at 19:31
I can't open that zip file... – tutuca May 4 at 14:29

You're looking for an Open GIS database - the main keyword being "GIS". This will help you find results.

The information you're looking for is usually Commercial grade (i.e. you need to pay for the data), but you can see what's available on the open-source GIS websites:

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You can't do it for all countries, because some countries (for example here in the UK), geolocation data are held copyrighted and proprietry with exorbitant licencing fees, which is just ridiculous.

Hopefully at some point in the not too distant future the UK government will see sense and realise the benefit of having open post code data (like the US, which surprised me!)

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I should down vote you for joking ... erm ... are you serious? – Robert Gould Nov 21 '08 at 7:15

Here is all countries from GeoNames data in a ready-to-paste MySQL script (INSERTs):


Hope to save one's time to transform it.

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Thanks for the efforts you made. You could also zip this 286 MB file that makes it just 11.5MB, hence easy to download. Get the same file here 11.6 MB – Izhar Aazmi Apr 23 at 6:36

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