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I'm working with the latest CruiseControl.Net 1.5.7256.1.
I'm trying to use one of the system parameters, CCNetWorkingDirectory under sourcecontrol block and the project failed to recognize this parameter.

<sourcecontrol type="svn">

I also tried it as $CCNetWorkingDirectory, $(CCNetWorkingDirectory), Non of these option worked.

Thank you

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You got trapped. I think almost anybody who starts with CCNET tries to access CCNetWorkingDirectory inside CCNET configuration. This is not possible. Find my answer on a similar question here.

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Brilliant. Someone should update their documentation. Thanks. – Gal Bracha Jun 21 '10 at 14:06

I don't know in which version things changed but as of version 1.8 you can use what they call: System Paremeters as documented here:

and it works for me as in this sample configuration:

<project name="ProjectName" queue="myqueue" queuePriority="1">

    <sourcecontrol type="svn">
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