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I've written a bit of code in my keyboard event handler to insert a <br> in response to the press of the Enter key:

document.execCommand('InsertHTML', true, '<br>');

This only works if the cursor is between two Letters, if its on the end i need two <br>-Elements. Can i detect if i'm on the end of a Line? Or some other working idea for the Enter problem?

I also tried to catch the normal key-event (wothout the ctrl-Key pressed) and create a keyboard-event with JS where the Enter Key is pressed together with the ctrl. But this dosn't work…

It only has to Work in Webkit/Safari…

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In order to solve your problem, always keep a br element as the last element of your contenteditable div. This will ensure predictable behavior when injecting a br element vs. the browser default of injecting div elements. You can check the lastChild on keyup and mouseup to make sure it's a br element. Assuming you have a document like:

<div id="editable" contenteditable="true"></div>

You can use the following JavaScript (w/ jQuery 1.4+) to keep a br element as the last element and inject a br element instead of div div:



    // make sure br is always the lastChild of contenteditable
    .live("keyup mouseup", function(){
      if (!this.lastChild || this.lastChild.nodeName.toLowerCase() != "br") {

    // use br instead of div div
    .live("keypress", function(e){
      if (e.which == 13) {
        if (window.getSelection) {
          var selection = window.getSelection(),
              range = selection.getRangeAt(0),
              br = document.createElement("br");
          return false;


Tested on Apple OS X w/ Google Chrome 7, Mozilla Firefox 3.6, Apple Safari 5). Try using ierange to get this to work in Windows Internet Explorer.

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No need for range.collapse(false);: you've already positioned the start and the end of the range. An alternative to IERange is my own Rangy (, which is similar in concept but more fully realized (and actively maintained). – Tim Down May 18 '11 at 9:09

I would bind a function to the keyup event to delete and change to
using regEx. So even if it creates strange markup, it will be fixed.

Using jQuery:

   var sanitazed = $(this).text().replace(/<div[^<]*?>/g, '').replace(/<\/div[^<]*?>/g, '<br>');
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1) .html() must be used instead of .text() 2) it works, but cursor remains before <br/>, not after it (after pressing Enter). – Meglio Mar 21 '13 at 20:00

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