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I've been using VS2010 and I want to use some type of source control. I installed Subversion and AnkhSVN. I was able to commit my solution to the SVN and I'm able to retrieve it.

Now I would like to password protect the repository. I edited the configuration files and everything appears to be protected the way I would like. I've tested the password configuration and read/write using TortoiseSVN so I know its not in the Subversion settings.

My problem is I cannot get AnkhSVN to commit to the repository now. It appears to not recognize the SVN requites a username and password and it throws the error message "You failed to authorize against the remote repository."

How would I go about setting up AnkhSVN to accept a username and password so I can use this SVN?

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Stop using your name in Upper case. Your user name is case sensitive.

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My login name on this computer is "Neil" and the username for SVN I selected as "neil". The username and password dialog that pops up when you first install AnkhSVN auto filled with "Neil" and I didn't even give it a second thought. Uninstalling/reinstalling prompted for the login information again and I used the correct case login name. Thanks! – Neil Outler Jun 20 '10 at 21:22

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