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How can I subtract a day from a python date?

I have a set of files that I'm saving by date, year_month_day.txt format. I need to open the previous day's text file for some processing. How do I find the previous day's date in python?

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Here you go:

>>> print
>>> 2010-06-19
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Say you start with a string '2010_05_1'. Then the similar string for the previous day is:

>>> import datetime
>>> s = '2010_05_1'
>>> theday =*map(int, s.split('_')))
>>> prevday = theday - datetime.timedelta(days=1)
>>> prevday.strftime('%Y_%m_%d')

Of course you'll encapsulate all of this into one handy function!

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You can use the datetime module.

import datetime
print (, month, day) - datetime.timedelta(1)).isoformat()
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In short:

  1. Convert the year/month/day to a number.
  2. Subtract 1 from that number.
  3. Convert the number to year/month/day.

You will find the localtime and mktime functions from the time module helpful.

(Also, since the time module deals with seconds, you would subtract 86400 instead of 1.)

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