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I use QTableView + QStandardItemModel to show some data (data stored in some other data structure), and this table view is sortable.

Since it is sortable, when sorting this model, I also need to sort the order of stored data. I try to implement a slot for the sorting signal, but I don't know what signal is emitted when clicking the header to start the sorting action.

I tried the clicked signal, but it's only emitted for data row, not for the headerData. what should I do if I want to do something else while sorting the QtableView + QStandardItemModel ?

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The Header of the View can be obtained by

QHeaderView * QTableView::horizontalHeader () const

Now with the obtained QHeaderView, you can connect a slot to the signal,

void QHeaderView::sectionClicked ( int logicalIndex )   [signal].

From the Qt 4.5 documentation, This signal is emitted when a section is clicked. The section's logical index is specified by logicalIndex.Note that the sectionPressed signal will also be emitted.

Hope it helps.

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that's very helpful, thanks a lot :):) –  Claire Huang Jun 21 '10 at 22:25

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