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I have an appllication in which when I click on NSButton of one nib,another nib loaded,and that second nib contains an NSTableView. which I need to load just after second nib loaded.

But I am Not able to do so. If I put that code in awakeFromNib then NSTableView again get initialize. its really a mesh I m not getting...

So,plz help me out.

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If the File's Owner of the second nib is a UIViewController (which it most likely is), you could create the NSTableView inside the view controller's viewDidLoad method.

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Thanks for answering, but actually I am working on cocoa application. So , I am using NSWindowcontroller. I also try to put code in applicationDidFinishLaunching but still it do not work. –  greshi Gupta Jun 21 '10 at 5:23

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