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I have classical complaint - rebuilding and reloading the web app takes too long. I want to compile the classes (preferrably from the IDE) or change a static file and let the server check what changed and act approprietly (reload the class/file).

What are my options for Wicket + JDK 1.6 ? I'd prefer Jetty, but Tomcat, JBoss AS or others are good, too.

I am not using the ReloadingWicketFilter since I use mvn jetty:run-exploded because it's the simplest way to run my app with desired configuration, and jetty plugin does not (?) support using that.

Thanks, Ondra

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Be sure to configure Wicket in development mode by adding this init param to Wicket's filter in web.xml:


Another productivity booster is JRebel which reloads classfile changes (well, most of them) on the fly.

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