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I'm wondering if this is the most elegant and efficient way of doing this?

I have multiple 'tag' lists, and through CSS, I want the tags to appear inline (display: inline) and be comma-separated. The challenge that I'm having is to append commas to all but the last list item in each ul.tagList:

 <ul class="outerList">
        <div class="innerContainer">
            <ul class="tagList">
                <li>Tag A</li>
                <li>Tag B</li>
                <li>Tag C</li>
        <div class="innerContainer">
            <ul class="tagList">
                <li>Tag D</li>
                <li>Tag E</li>
                <li>Tag F</li>

To append commas on all the ul.tagList list items, but the last, I use:


and this produces:

Tag A, Tag B, Tag C

Tag D, Tag E, Tag F

Is this the best way of doing this?

Also why does :not(:last-child) work but not :not(:last) in this context?

Thanks very much for your help + explanations.


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:last does not work in this context, because it will only match one element, namely the last.

last-child can match more elements, one for each parent.

Your code looks pretty fine, using .not() instead of querying with sizzle might improve performance slightly.

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Thanks for your answer... –  Prembo Jun 25 '10 at 7:20
Jquery is awesome, as well as you @jAndy :) –  sparrow Jun 15 '13 at 19:09

This was posted a long time ago but thought it good to post for anyone else (like me) who looks at this post as a reference. I made a jsPerf for the two cases stated above plus one I added myself using .prevAll()

$('.tagList').children(':last-child').prevAll().css('background-color', 'yellow');

It is slightly faster


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