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I want to upload document, file to google docs using Google Apps Engine (python)

any code or link will be appreciated

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See the documentation, but you might try something like:

ms = gdata.MediaSource(file_path='/path/to/your/test.doc',['DOC'])
entry = gd_client.Upload(ms, 'MyDocTitle')
print 'Document now accessible online at:', entry.GetAlternateLink().href
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Hi, I have already gone from this. I am using a web form to upload my file in Google app engine now i want to store that file in google docs I am finding solution to that problem – JQuery Guru Jun 21 '10 at 7:58
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Solution is with files Upload, You need to read data using below line in python:

function to read file size

def getSize(self,fileobject):,2) # move the cursor to the end of the file
  size = fileobject.tell()
  return size

f = self.request.POST.get('fname').file

media =,[ext], content_length=self.getSize(self.request.POST.get('fname').file))

And also need to modify the gdata python library of Google to achieve this:

in def upload_file


while not entry:
 entry = self.upload_chunk(start_byte,
 start_byte += self.chunk_size


while not entry:
  entry = self.upload_chunk(start_byte, self.file_handle)
  start_byte += self.chunk_size

And you can upload file directory to google doc

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