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If you have a method that queries the DB and returns a collection populated with the records found, what should be returned upon no records found?

  • A new collection with .Count == 0

  • null

Is there any consensus on this?

Or returning null and returning an empty collection should have different meanings?

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You should return an empty collection. That will avoid you to check every time that you got a null as return.

You will always have a code like (abstract code):

for index = 0 to collection.size
  // do operations

instead of:

if collection != null 
  for index = 0 to collection.size
    // do operations

Additionally, you could extend this to the NULL Object pattern if you need more complex behavior from your collection.

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I think that is a very good point. –  pencilCake Jun 21 '10 at 8:07

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