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What column type in Oracle 10g can be used to store any value of java double up to and including Double.MAX_VALUE and Double.MIN_VALUE?

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From the Oracle SQL Reference:

The NUMBER datatype stores zero as well as positive and negative fixed numbers with absolute values from 1.0 x 10^-130 to (but not including) 1.0 x 10^126.

It looks like you may need BINARY_DOUBLE:

Maximum positive finite value: 1.79769313486231E+308

Minimum positive finite value: 2.22507485850720E-308

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The docs say: "A constant holding the largest positive finite value of type double, (2-252)·21023". I use ** to mean exponentiation. Entering this expression into Windows calculator gives 1,797693134862315708145274237317e+308. –  unwind Nov 21 '08 at 11:08
Oracle's BINARY_DOUBLE does not store the IEEE754 value -0, Java does. –  MSalters Nov 21 '08 at 12:20
What the heck is -0 as opposed to 0? ;-) –  Tony Andrews Nov 21 '08 at 12:39
I thought that would be it. For some reason I got oracle jdbc driwer –  Bloodboiler Nov 27 '08 at 21:31
.. to throw an exception when inserting close to max/min values. –  Bloodboiler Nov 27 '08 at 21:34

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