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Is there any Visual Studio Express plug ins for source versioning? I am starting a project on my own and only have the Express version of Visual Studio 2008.

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Short answer: No.

The Express editions support neither the Add-Ins nor Source Control providers (SCC plug-ins). While there are ways to make this work, they are undocumented, violate the license and have caused legal trouble before…

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Way I do this is I have TortosieHG installed and then in visual studios express i went to Tools>External Tools.

I created the following enteries:

Title: HG New Repositry 
Command: C:\Program Files\TortoiseHg\hgtk.exe
Arguments: --nofork init Initial
directory: $(SolutionDir)

Title: HG Commit 
Command: C:\Program  Files\TortoiseHg\hgtk.exe 
Arguments: --nofork init Initial directory: $(SolutionDir)

I then added the two external tools to the toolbar. Now I don't get as nice intergration as I would with the full version of visual studios but I can commit source code and create a source repository without leaving Visual Studios.

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This is the way I do it too, works great! – mike nelson Apr 6 '11 at 10:32

You don't really need an integration/plugin. First is not supported but there are very good alternatives to make it work.

Whatever SCM you decide to use (SVN, GIT, PlasticSCM, Mercurial) just use the "find changes" workflow:

  • Do your changes
  • Find your modifications within the tool you've chosen to use
  • Commit

Edit: PlasticSCM is free for up to 15 users since Nov 1st 2010.

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Visual studio 2012 Express offers an express version of Team Foundation Server.

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Source control integration is not supported in the Express editions of Visual Studio. Check out the feature comparison chart at

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I don't think there are any plugins for Express versions of VS. Googling 'Jamie Cansdale' is the canonical reference for this issue.

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VisualSVN doesn't support Visual Studio Express editions. Visit here for more info

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Interesting, does the Express edition auto-check for file updates? If so, just use TortoiseSVN and save yourself the money of upgrading.

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You can get cloud based Team Foundation Service for free as long as your project has 5 or fewer members. I've been using it for a few months now and it works great. There are a some features of Team Foundation Server that are not available yet, but, hey, it's free.

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The VisualSVN manual says it works with all editions of Visual Studio - though I have not personally tried it. I know that none of Microsoft's Team Foundation Server stuff will work with Express.

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