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I have been using the following regular expression in ASP.NET and Javascript:


Now, I am migrating to ASP.NET MVC and I am checking my code. I find that


Are also matches. That's probably because not the whole string needs to be matched. And the test within 'test' is a valid match.

How do I need to change the RegEx to match the complete string and not only parts of it?

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If you're trying to match a whole string, use ^ and $ anchors:


Note: I've also dropped {1} since it's completely redundant as a quantifier, by default any character or character class matches only single occurrence. You might also want to shorten your character classes using the case-insensitive modifier. (/i in Javascript).

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Thanks, it works great. –  Sparhawk Jun 21 '10 at 10:37
What is it with all these pointless {1} s that have been popping up recently?!? I've think I've seen more in just this past week than in however many years I've used regex for. :S –  Peter Boughton Jun 22 '10 at 19:15

where ^ matches the beginning and $ the end of line (text).

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