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Really sorry because this is almost "please send me the code" - although really it's "please send me a link to another discussion"

I am setting up a .net membership system and need to validate users from the email address they provide via a "click here to validate your account" type link.

Just wondered if anyone knew of any good tutorials or posts out there about this? I have searched for about an hour and can't find anything - hence me asking the question.

Thanks in advance. Rob

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This is very easy, once they submit their application form, log a "token" variable, dispatch your email, add the token variable to the url, search for the token in the db, validate user...!! Simple.

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Thanks - I did have that thought but was just checking best practice! – LiverpoolsNumber9 Jun 21 '10 at 13:22

When they are registering send them a hash of some of their data with a fixed salt. Stuff like time of registration and user-id. When they click the email link to something like /verify?q=ahash, just check to see which users data the hash amounts to, and update the database to reflect that they are a valid user.

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Thank you also - similar to the above. Great stuff! – LiverpoolsNumber9 Jun 21 '10 at 13:22

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